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Blog featured image with two people and title: Features Every Data Catalog Needs (but most don't have)


How to drive business value with a data catalog

Explore the key features of a data catalog that truly accelerate business and data teams. 

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5 min read

The Data Behind Love #ValentinesDay

Relationship status aside, It’s hard to avoid Valentine’s Day: from your apps to in-store campaigns to cheesy e-cards filling up your inbox (thanks...
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ThinkData on Entity Resolution at TMLS 2019

In 2018, ThinkData formed the DataLabs team to tackle the problem of disambiguating real world entities from data and to provide our users with...
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2 min read

The Difference Between Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment

Tucked away in portals across the internet, in different formats, with bad headers, strange encoding, and more – the world of data can be...
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3 min read

#Womenintech is more than just a hashtag

Data is everywhere. As the amount of data being released continues to become more accessible, more and more organizations are racing to adopt a...
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4 min read

Refined Data is the Key to Train Machine Learning

All machine intelligence is powered by data. This isn't ground-breaking, or even news – we've known about data's value for decades now. However, not...
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3 min read

Namara Ingest vs. a Standard ETL

One of the greatest challenges facing ETL engineers is: How can we deal with data variety efficiently?
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3 min read

Beyond the Startup Work Perks: Life at ThinkData

With Toronto being a world-leading market for tech companies and talent, startups are as closely tied to this city as the CN Tower. There are a few...
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3 min read

Adapt or Die: why your business strategy is failing your data strategy

A few years ago I took a call from an analyst at a hedge fund who was looking for external data that would, in his words, provide “alpha.” I...
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7 min read

Bridging the Digital Divide

Why is data so important? Despite being about as prevalent as electricity, it can be difficult to adequately explain how critical data is to the...
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