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How to drive business value with a data catalog

Explore the key features of a data catalog that truly accelerate business and data teams. 

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Data Management

Preview of blog post titled Data Quality - The 3 Essential Metrics

3 min read

Data Quality — The 3 Essential Metrics

In today’s data-driven economy, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that data is of high quality. A study conducted by Experian found that 83% of...
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Data Sharing Icon

6 min read

5 Key Components of a Data Sharing Platform

Increasingly, companies are focused on finding ways to connect to new and valuable sources of data in order to enhance their analytical capabilities,...
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Cube with dots around it

4 min read

How Metadata Improves Security, Quality, and Transparency

How does Spotify win against a competitor like Apple? They use data better. Using machine learning and AI, Spotify creates value for their users by...
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Team Members around Document Icon

The Top Priorities of Data Professionals in 2021

The ThinkData Catalog is built to make data more accessible, more usable, and more valuable for organizations. To better understand how data...
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4 min read

How a Data Catalog Enables Data Democratization

For many organizations, data is a business asset that’s owned by the IT department. Based on this ‘data ownership’ model, there’s limited access to...
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3 min read

What is a Data Catalog? Value, Benefits, and Features

No matter where data comes from, becoming data-driven depends on every member of your organization being able to find, access, and use the data they...
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6 min read

Data Trusts: Building Trust with Centralized Data Access

In a traditional business model, core business assets included property, equipment, inventory, and cash. The tangible things we understand as having...
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4 min read

Introducing The Namara Enterprise Edition Tech Stack

Hi there, it’s Chris! I’m the Director of Engineering at ThinkData Works. I'm eager to share with you our latest in development updates for the...
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5 min read

How to Build a Data Strategy - Part 1: The Data Audit

This is the first of a four-part how to series that dives into how to develop an end-to-end data strategy for your organization that solves for data...
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