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Designing for Data Democratization

Data democratization allows your organization to make data-driven decisions. Learn how ThinkData Works designs our catalog to fuel data democratization.

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5 Key Components of a Data Sharing Platform

An external data catalog can maximize the value of any data by enabling data sharing while strengthening data governance. Find out how.

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Secure Data Sharing: Why We Recommend Vertica

Warehouse technology is the backbone of your data. Building on a reliable, performant, and flexible foundation is key – that's why we recommend Vertica.

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How a Data Catalog Enables Data Democratization

Data democratization lays the roadways for people to find, understand, and use data within their organization to make data-driven decisions.

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What is a Data Catalog? Value, Benefits, and Features

Find out how a data catalog can transform your organization’s decision making with more collaborative, intelligent, and secure data.

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Data Trusts: Building Trust with Centralized Data Access

As the amount of data being generated and used increases, data trust become a crucial framework to ensure transparency and trust within data.

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Introducing The Namara Enterprise Edition Tech Stack

Chris Sandison, Director of Engineering, provides an overview of the tech stack behind our latest product launch of the Namara Enterprise Edition.

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Namara Dataspec: Monitor the Health of Any Data

The health of your data matters – Dataspec provides Namara users with a snapshot of the state of a dataset, captured by key statistical metrics.

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Integrating into the Namara Platform

Learn why our engineering team integrated our Namara platform with, an error management suite, and what it means for the health of our platform.

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Data Management: Buy vs. Build

How do you cut spend but keep innovating? How can you keep data flowing in? In-house solutions might seem cheaper, but can cost you in the long run.

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(Think)Data Works to Put Users First

Uncover how user insight guides how we design and build our products to better meet our users needs and how you can help us help you.

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