ThinkData on Entity Resolution at TMLS 2019

In 2018, ThinkData formed the DataLabs team to tackle the problem of disambiguating real world entities from data and to provide our users with entity resolution tools that are performant, flexible, and customized to their particular use case.

Our Lead Data Scientist, Hoyoung Jang, and Data Science Co-op Alumni, Cheng Lin, had the opportunity to speak at the Toronto Machine Learning Summit in 2019.

In this video, they present the details behind ThinkData Works’ entity resolution tech, as well as some of the technical aspects and challenges faced in building a scalable solution to record linkage.

Are you working with complex, siloed data that needs to be threaded together? Interested in master data records and deduplication? Contact us to learn more or to book a demo, and see how ThinkData can help your data scientists be data scientists.

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