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How to drive business value with a data catalog

Explore the key features of a data catalog that truly accelerate business and data teams. 

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Open Data

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5 min read

Rise of the Data Marketplace

For most organizations, the process of becoming more data-driven starts with better understanding and using their own data. But internal data is just...
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2 min read

COVID-19 Vaccines: Light at The End of the Tunnel

As restrictions around the world clamp down tighter ahead of the holiday season, the forecast for Winter 2020 seems to be heavy isolation. However,...
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6 min read

Data Trusts: Building Trust with Centralized Data Access

In a traditional business model, core business assets included property, equipment, inventory, and cash. The tangible things we understand as having...
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3 min read

Elections in 2020: the Role of Data in Politics

Our “INNERJOIN” series features collaborations, integrations, and thought partners. We’re offering perspectives from thought leaders in different...
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4 min read

The Roche Data Science Coalition: Collaboration in Crisis

In March, ThinkData Works became a founding member of the Roche Data Science Coalition, a group of public and private organizations working with the...
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5 min read

Using Data to Combat COVID-19

#FlattenTheCurve. #StayHome. #QuarantineLife. They’ve all been trending, and it seems like everybody knows that it’s time to stay at home, indoors,...
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7 min read

Bridging the Digital Divide

Why is data so important? Despite being about as prevalent as electricity, it can be difficult to adequately explain how critical data is to the...
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2 min read

Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data?

Yep. And it’s a big one. There is a general consensus that when we talk about open data we are referring to any piece of data or content that is free...
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6 min read

The GDPR Means Better Business

The world of personal data is no longer ungoverned. Sweeping and far-reaching legislation has cracked down on how companies handle data. These...
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