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The Data Every City Should Release, & Why

What happens when we tear down separation between each city’s data? More problems are solved. Here are 6 elemental datasets - the Open Data Big Bang
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Empty pockets

How Hackergal Bridges the Programming Gender Gap

With Hackergal, we can ensure that girls are empowered to fill these roles, help build a disruptive tech industry, and change the gender ratio in STEM.
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The big Players

Open Banking: What It Is, What It Isn't, & Why It Matters

The development of something called 'open banking' might seem like a step backwards, but data sharing can lead to better services and enhanced security.
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a voting ballot going into a box

Open Data & Democracy: Promises, Realities, and Possibilities

Democracy is a system of government with two fundamental principles: free elections and alternative sets of policies from different political options.
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a group of people talking in a work pod

Web Summit Review: 5 Things You Will Learn

Web Summit brings together some of the best and brightest tech minds. Here's what we took from our visit in 2018.
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modern apartment building

Rentlogic Builds a Tool to Protect Renters From Landlords

Landlords hold all the cards when negotiating a new rental agreement. Renters often don’t know that they’ve made the wrong choice until it’s too late.
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Access Buynocs Data on Namara

Data on publicly traded companies is accessible. But what about small-to-medium businesses driven by a trend towards increasing entrepreneurship?
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How OCE Uses Data to Develop Innovative Ideas

Access to data gave OCE their research teams the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and solutions for critical issues that impact Canada’s future.
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What is an Open Data Licence?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why “open data” (something that is, by definition, free to use) includes licensing, you’re not alone.
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Open Data in the Age of Trump

A discussion on the 2016 US Presidential Election, highlighting the issue of government transparency during a season of political change.
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Decoding the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Corporate anonymity, decentralizing data gatherings, and falsely signing contracts may seem to be a clever scheme - but it didn't work.
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The Potential of Open Data to Curb Corruption

We looked at the 2018 Mexican Presidential election. Is the optimism surrounding open data as a means to curb corruption warranted?
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