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Blog featured image with two people and title: Features Every Data Catalog Needs (but most don't have)


How to drive business value with a data catalog

Explore the key features of a data catalog that truly accelerate business and data teams. 

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Business Insights (3)

3 min read

Two Simple Business Principles To Get The Most Out Of Data

With the influx of data being generated and collected, coupled with the huge advancements in technology, it’s no surprise that organizations are...
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Investment growth chart

4 min read

Don't Buy Data – Invest In It

There are some expressions about data that are getting a bit tired: Data is the new oil; In God We Trust (all others must bring data); Buy data, sell...
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1 min read

Provenance in COVID-19 Data

In 2014, ThinkData Works was founded to create a central point of access for the data released by every level of government. The data was valuable,...
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5 min read

Using Data to Combat COVID-19

#FlattenTheCurve. #StayHome. #QuarantineLife. They’ve all been trending, and it seems like everybody knows that it’s time to stay at home, indoors,...
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5 min read

How to Solve the Biggest Challenges in Enterprise AI

90% of the data in existence has been generated in the last two years. On a daily basis, 7.5 sextillion gigabytes of data are generated – around...
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4 min read

MaRS & ThinkData Apply Machine Learning to Ontario Businesses

As we move forward in the data age, the companies that seek data are finding it. This is a good thing. There's undeniable value in using new sources...
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5 min read

The Data Behind Love #ValentinesDay

Relationship status aside, It’s hard to avoid Valentine’s Day: from your apps to in-store campaigns to cheesy e-cards filling up your inbox (thanks...
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2 min read

The Difference Between Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment

Tucked away in portals across the internet, in different formats, with bad headers, strange encoding, and more – the world of data can be...
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6 min read

The GDPR Means Better Business

The world of personal data is no longer ungoverned. Sweeping and far-reaching legislation has cracked down on how companies handle data. These...
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