Provenance in COVID-19 Data

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In 2014, ThinkData Works was founded to create a central point of access for the data released by every level of government. The data was valuable, but came in varied formats and lived in portals scattered across the Internet – Namara became the common access point for all this data.

Now, we are using our expertise, tools, and platform to help better understand and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We have built a COVID-19 repository, flowing sources through Namara to put diverse and critical information in the hands of people who can use it to fuel solutions. 

In this video, Nikko Torres, a Field Data Scientist at ThinkData Works, talks about how we’re connecting to provenant data sources for our COVID-19 data repository:

ThinkData offers a lot more data than that – over 250,000 thousand datasets from more than 75 countries around the world. Browse the Namara Marketplace now or request a consultation with one of our data experts to talk about external data.

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