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Integrating into the Namara Platform

Learn why our engineering team integrated our Namara platform with, an error management suite, and what it means for the health of our platform.
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Provenance in COVID-19 Data

Video demonstration of our process for data provenance and capturing data directly from the source.
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now what data lake

5 Reasons You Need a Better Data Management Solution

Businesses have yet to properly manage their data...but how do you transform data into insight?
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Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data?

Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data? The short answer is: yes, and it's a big one.
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How OCE Uses Data to Develop Innovative Ideas

Access to data gave OCE their research teams the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and solutions for critical issues that impact Canada’s future.
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What is an Open Data Licence?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why “open data” (something that is, by definition, free to use) includes licensing, you’re not alone.
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