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The Evolving Role of a CDO in a Data-Driven Market

Gain exclusive industry insights from HBC's Chief Data Officer, Rupinder Dhillon, on the growing need and importance of enterprise data governance.

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Happy Birthday to Us! ThinkData Turns 7

ThinkData turns 7! Here are 7 milestones we achieved this year. We continue to foster a strong team culture that fuels the best external data solution.

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How to Win New Business with External Data

Find out how forward-thinking businesses are using external data to deliver unrealized insight across their organizations.

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How Metadata Improves Security, Quality, and Transparency

Metadata does more than simply describe data. Learn how metadata enables data discovery, boosts compliance and transparency, and makes data more valuable.

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The Top Priorities of Data Professionals in 2021

In this post, we dive into the results of ThinkData Works' State of Data survey to understand how data professionals access, use and govern data.

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How a Data Catalog Enables Data Democratization

Data democratization lays the roadways for people to find, understand, and use data within their organization to make data-driven decisions.

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SOC 2 Certification: What It Is and Why We Got It

SOC 2 certification was an important milestone for us. We've always focused on data security and responsible management – and now, it's in writing.

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Data Governance: A Crucial Part of Your Business Strategy

The data economy is growing, establishing good data governance is a business requirement for organizations of all sizes across verticals.

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What is a Data Catalog? Value, Benefits, and Features

Find out how a data catalog can transform your organization’s decision making with more collaborative, intelligent, and secure data.

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Data: A Crucial Part of Any Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective; find out why data-driven marketing is essential to optimize your marketing strategy.

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COVID-19 Vaccines: Light at The End of the Tunnel

In this blog, we dig into COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker data released by Milken Institute to uncover insights about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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