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2 min read

The Importance of Mental Closeness While Social Distancing

Data can predict a lot of things, but right now, it’s impossible to know for certain how long our routines and lives will be disrupted as a result of the COVID pandemic. We will continue to follow the advice of experts and authorities to try to flatten the curve, and we urge every individual to do their part.

Here are a few snapshots from the team in their home working environments:

Apart, but never distant

Here’s how we're practising physical distancing while maintaining mental closeness:


Tim surrounded by 3 laptops"Mindfulness and meditation are not only great ways to recharge, they are excellent ways to spend downtime that can help with focus, energy, and fortitude. I’ve been hosting our usual weekly meditation session virtually. It’s a chance to shut off the noise and be present for 15 minutes. We chat afterwards like we would if we were together – it really helps!"

Tim Lysecki
Manager, Growth

Fiorella, Office Manager

"When we are able to work in the office, I love to plan social events for the team! Even though we aren’t able to physically hangout anymore I’m arranging virtual yoga classes to replace our usual Monday night office yoga as well as games nights. It’s important to stay connected."

Fiorella Rojas Jaramillo
Operations and Human Resources 

Lewis covered in cats"Over the past few days of being at home, I’ve been able to share a virtual Saint Patrick's Day pint, and had a couple lunch dates with colleagues – positivity has been the most infectious thing that I’ve let into my house. We’ve also started to host a 5:00 pm social hangout with the work group. It feels great to reclaim that social time that you’d normally enjoy in passing, getting a coffee or a snack."

Lewis Wynne-Jones
Director of Growth 

Heather and her son in a Spiderman mask
"As a mom of two young children, I have found balance these past couple days spending time with my kids in between meetings building pillow forts with them, practising meditation, and taking long nature walks. Also, I hosted our first virtual whiteboard session meeting – a super cool feature provided by Zoom!"

Heather Chapple
Client Success Manager 

Image from iOS (3)
"To stay positive during this time, my roommate and I have been taking time to do daily yoga and pilates workout classes. Last night, we hosted a virtual dinner party with some of our friends and it was a great way to catch up with everyone while doing our part to flatten the curve."

McKenzie Foley
Marketing Associate



Despite the turbulence of the times, we'll continue working towards our goals, keeping each other accountable and keeping our spirits high. ThinkData Works goes far beyond our logo and website, and it's nothing without happy people – clients, partners, and employees alike. Stay connected, in touch, and positive.

Do you want to help ThinkData Works revolutionize how people use data? Want to have fun with some of the coolest nerds around? Check our current career openings and see where you fit in (or simply reach out to us via LinkedIn or Instagram, we’d love to hear from you!)

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