ThinkData Works Now Available On Google Cloud Marketplace

Partnership allows for Google Cloud users to access ThinkData Works' enrichment services and data catalog

TORONTO, ON - September 7th, 2022  — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) has announced a partnership with Google Cloud Marketplace. Through this partnership, users of Google Cloud will now have the ability to use the ThinkData catalog platform, allowing a more integrated way to  access and utilize data. 

Google Cloud Marketplace is a platform that allows users to efficiently access software and Google Cloud data solutions. Google Cloud has approximately 5,000 products and services and over 200 datasets available. This provides users with a wide range of information to access and use to efficiently act upon data-based projects.

 With over 900,000 companies currently using Google Cloud across the world, there is an ever-growing need for easily accessible and accurate data. By providing companies with a large number of available data solutions, Google Cloud is helping to streamline the research process for users allowing for increased efficiency. Google Cloud logo"Google Cloud is committed to helping organizations scale their data analytics and AI/ML initiatives," said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. "With ThinkData Works’ data catalog available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers will be able to easily access and act on data insights, enabling them to execute on data-driven initiatives with greater speed and at scale."

Brendan Stennett, ThinkData co-founder and CTO, says, "Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace means customers can more easily deploy our leading catalog platform through their existing relationship with Google Cloud, enabling them with the tools to manage and distribute data to unlock further AI and ML capabilities."


About ThinkData Works

ThinkData Works delivers flexible enterprise data catalog solutions designed to ensure data quality and regulatory compliance at every stage of the data lifecycle. To learn more, please visit ThinkData Works and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace is a cloud platform that lets you quickly deploy and access powerful, functional software packages that run on Google Cloud. You can start up a familiar software package without having to manually configure the software, virtual machine (VM) instances, storage, or network settings. Google Cloud enables you to  deploy a software package now, and scale that deployment later when your apps require additional capacity.

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