ThinkData Announces New Data Partnership with WatrHub

Partnership will provide nationwide water infrastructure data for risk analysis and predictive modelling

TORONTO, ON - July 24, 2019 — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) has brokered a data partnership with WatrHub, Inc. (WatrHub) to deliver strategic market data related to water infrastructure through the Namara Data Marketplace.

WatrHub, Inc. is the de facto source of Strategic Market Data for Water Industry Leaders, amassing the world's largest Data Warehouse of 700M+ public documents and hundreds of data points and indicators related to Water Infrastructure markets in North America. Through the partnership with ThinkData, WatrHub will make its data available to even more industries and markets, including Real Estate companies, Financial Institutions, and Insurance Companies, allowing them to precisely factor in water related risks into their data models.

  • Data generated from 700M+ public documents
  • 30K Municipal and utility websites transformed into actionable data assets
  • 200+ Data Points
  • 60+ Opportunity Indicators
  • 4 Weighted Scores Available Summarizing Different Dimensions of Industrial Water Risk


"Water related risks are causing significant economic losses and are quickly rising on the corporate agenda,” says WatrHub CEO Ahmed Badruddin. “These risks are still one of the least understood by industries around the world. Through this exciting partnership with ThinkData Works, we will enable the most progressive, data-driven firms in North America to more accurately assess business risks and opportunities related to water infrastructure, affecting top and bottom lines."

Lewis Wynne-Jones, Head of Data Acquisition for ThinkData, says, “given the amount of data generated by municipal infrastructure, it’s surprising how much of a blind spot it is for most industries. By partnering with WatrHub, we can start to deliver this rich data to different sectors, develop risk analysis templates, and start to get predictive.”

WatrHub is the most recent data partnership brokered by ThinkData Works. This partnership network lets businesses that have access to valuable data distribute it through the ThinkData Works data management platform, Namara.

About ThinkData Works
ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) is a Toronto-based tech company founded in 2014 that enables enterprise organizations to discover, govern, and monetize the data that powers your business. ThinkData offers a flexible enterprise data catalog designed to ensure data quality and regulatory compliance at every stage of the data lifecycle. To learn more, please visit ThinkData Works and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About WatrHub Inc.
Water Industry Leaders rely on WatrHub Inc. (WatrHub) for unique data & actionable insights that power their competitive advantage. Working with executives, strategy teams, marketers and sales managers at the largest companies in the Water Industry, WatrHub is uncovering unique insights and powering key decisions for their market strategy, competitive differentiation, and sales outreach beyond what their internal datasets and boots-on-the-ground intelligence is capable of today. WatrHub scours the Water Industry's largest data warehouse of 700M municipal documents and web-pages for predictive indicators that give Water Industry Leaders the first-mover's advantage on their most promising opportunities in U.S. water and wastewater utilities market.

For more information:
Lewis Wynne-Jones, ThinkData Works, Inc.
Head of Data Acquisition and Partnerships
(647) 391-4264

Ahmed Badruddin, WatrHub Inc.
(647) 696-8580

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