ThinkData Announces New Data Partnership with HazardHub

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Property risk data to be made available through ThinkData Works’ Data Marketplace

TORONTO, ON - November, 6, 2019 — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData), the Toronto-based DataOps company that manages the Namara Data Marketplace, has announced a data partnership with HazardHub Inc. Through this partnership, HazardHub’s comprehensive property risk data will be made available for purchase through the Namara platform.

HazardHub Inc., San Diego, California, is the only third-generation provider of property-level risk data. By translating huge amounts of geospatial data into products and solutions, HazardHub provides easy-to-understand answers and risk assessments that can be used to make real-world decisions.

  • Wildfire risk score, distance to high area
  • Earthquake severity index (including earthquakes in fracking areas)
  • Proximity to fire station, hydrant, police station
  • 50+ risk features for the entire United States


“ThinkData and HazardHub are companies with a similar purpose; we both want people to use data to gain insight,” says John Siegman, CCA and Founder of HazardHub. “We’re happy to work with ThinkData to get our best-in-class risk data in front of businesses that can use it to make smart decisions.” 

Lewis Wynne-Jones, Head of Partnerships for ThinkData, says, “there are so many ways to measure property risk, and HazardHub tracks them all. From natural disasters to man-made dangers, it’s now possible to get access to a comprehensive and dynamic database of whatever risks you want to track. We’re thrilled to partner with HazardHub to help get this data into more people’s hands.”

According to Accuweather, California saw almost $400B of damage due to wildfires in 2018, a new record. Properties in coastal areas are also at risk, and at least 300K homes along the US coastline could be underwater in as little as 30 years, according to data provided by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Both environmental and man-made risks to properties are on the rise, and insurance companies and home-owners are evolving to meet the growing concern. 

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Learn more about HazardHub here.

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