ThinkData Announces New Data Partnership with Arima

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Partnership to provide predictive demographic insights data through the Namara Marketplace

TORONTO, ON - September 30, 2020 — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData), the Toronto tech company behind the largest data marketplace in Canada, has brokered a partnership agreement with Arima to distribute fine-grained demographic data points through the Namara Marketplace.

Arima, a Toronto-based AI-driven search engine, has partnered with ThinkData to create a knowledge base of granular demographic, psychographic, and market insights. This database, the Canadian Consumer Intelligence (CCI) data feed, will be made available to ThinkData Works clients where it can be used to segment customers, enhance client portfolios, and generate insight into consumer profiles.

  • Postal code-level insight across 4000+ variables
  • Demographic and psychographic attributes
  • Vehicle use and preference, internet and television usage, household improvement and healthcare
  • Available in both custom categories and custom regions

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“Partnering with ThinkData is a great opportunity,” says Arima CEO, Winston Li. “Arima’s database is a powerful standalone product, but when it’s layered with other datasets like points of interest or neighbourhood foot traffic, it starts to unlock completely new insight. We’re thrilled to work with ThinkData to start providing this data to the wider market.”

Drew Doherty, Director of Partnerships for ThinkData, says, “Consumer analytics is a constantly evolving field. Arima’s done an incredible job pulling together disparate datasets and modeling them into a product that is both granular and maintains individual privacy. We’re excited to provide Arima data through Namara and help our partners get predictive around consumer behaviour”

Arima’s data sources are anonymized before being modeled into the CCI data feed, meaning that all Arima source data contains no personal identifiable information. By safely modelling the data down to an individual level without including any personal information, the CCI provides users with the opportunity to understand base layer demographics while still complying with privacy regulations.

About ThinkData Works

ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) is a Toronto-based company founded in 2014. ThinkData makes data access easy. Efficient tools let users stream data from any public or private source in the world. ThinkData’s platform, Namara, provides data scientists with access to more data, automation for reduced overhead in prep and processing, and more confidence in new data to fuel products, models, and solutions. Learn more about Namara and connect with us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

About Arima
Arima was founded in 2019 with the vision to create a centralized consumer database to help marketers and businesses easily access Canadian consumer intelligence. Arima has developed itself into a AI-driven Consumer Insights Search Engine that helps marketers build audiences and customized personas by easily navigating through large datasets. Their goal is to enable everyone to become a marketing scientist so that they can make informed marketing decisions.

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