ThinkData Announces Data Partnership with Crunchbase

Channel partnership to provide Crunchbase data through ThinkData Works’ Data Marketplace

TORONTO, ON - July 5, 2019 — ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) has brokered a partnership with business information platform, Crunchbase. Through this partnership, ThinkData will provide data on acquisitions, funding rounds, organizations and the people behind them through the Namara Data Marketplace.

Crunchbase aggregates up-to-date data on the latest funding and investment information, providing access to valuable insights and business opportunities as they arise. Crunchbase has the world’s largest partnership with the venture community, with over 4000 global investment firms submitting monthly portfolio updates. 

  • 240K+ funding rounds listed from 16K+ news sources
  • 50+ years coverage
  • 70% of all seed funding rounds are exclusive to Crunchbase
  • 175+ countries


"Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities,” says Crunchbase CEO Jager McConnell. “Our channel partnership with ThinkData Works enables us to get our data in front of businesses that can use it to better understand what’s happening in the market.”

“Connecting to this data is a big opportunity for any organization that wants to better understand where the market is headed,” says ThinkData CEO Bryan Smith. “Accessing this feed through Namara will provide immediate, actionable business intelligence.”

Over 50 million users rely on Crunchbase to deliver high-quality, accurate data. Their best-in-class information from primary sources provides insight into all industries, enabling a better understanding of macro changes in the market and growth within specific organizations. ThinkData works specializes in connecting organizations to data generated outside their environment, neutralizing variety issues automatically, and streamlining data ingestion across the enterprise. 


About ThinkData Works
ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) is a Toronto-based tech company founded in 2014 that enables enterprise organizations to discover, govern, and monetize the data that powers your business. ThinkData offers a flexible enterprise data catalog designed to ensure data quality and regulatory compliance at every stage of the data lifecycle. To learn more, please visit ThinkData Works and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Crunchbase
Crunchbase, Inc. is a data-as-a-service platform launched in 2007 that helps users find business information about private and public companies. Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends.

For more information:
Lewis Wynne-Jones, ThinkData Works, Inc.
Head of Data Acquisition and Partnerships

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