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ThinkData Announces Data Partnership with BuildingFootprintUSA

TORONTO, ON - April 24, 2019 – Toronto-based ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) has brokered a data partnership with BuildingFootprintUSA. Through this partnership, ThinkData becomes a supplier of the next generation of geospatial building footprint data through their data management platform.

BuildingFootprintUSA, New York, USA, specializes in supplying high-accuracy building footprint data to organizations locating, analyzing and visualizing geospatial information. With nearly 75% coverage of the USA and over 60% coverage in Canada, BuildingFootprintUSA offers a comprehensive set of data products to clients in telco, insurance, marketing, real estate, retail, and other industries.

  • 90M buildings in USA
  • 6M buildings in Canada
  • Quarterly updates
  • Millions of additions each release


"Using ThinkData Works' platform, it is now easy to blend our high accuracy, richly attributed US and Canadian building footprint data into both simple and complex data solutions, regardless of your industry. We are excited to be a part of TDW's data partner community,"

said Scott Robinson, VP Strategy at BuildingFootprintUSA.

"Highly detailed and accurate building footprint data is the base layer of any geospatial analysis,” said Lewis Wynne-Jones, head of data acquisition and partnerships for ThinkData. “BuildingFootprintUSA’s suite of products and services are a game-changer for anyone who’s calculating risk or performing analytics.”

Both BuildingFootprintUSA and ThinkData Works have their origins in the open data movement. BuildingFootprintUSA curates data from hundreds of open data sources and blends that data with proprietary sources to create a richly attributed dataset. By creating a more accurate alternative, BuildingFootprintUSA aids the innovation economy and provides leaders across industries with a high accuracy geospatial data alternative.



About ThinkData Works
ThinkData Works, Inc. (ThinkData) is a Toronto-based tech company founded in 2014 that enables enterprise organizations to discover, govern, and monetize the data that powers your business. ThinkData offers a flexible enterprise data catalog designed to ensure data quality and regulatory compliance at every stage of the data lifecycle. To learn more, please visit ThinkData Works and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


About BuildingFootprintUSA
BuildingFootprintUSA is a New York-based company founded in 2016. BuildingFootprintUSA is focused on building-centric geospatial data, creating an affordable spatial layer of nationwide building footprints for building level location, analysis and visualization. Discover how BuildingFootprintUSA is working with the insurance industry here.


For More Information:
Lewis Wynne-Jones, ThinkData Works, Inc.
Head of Data Acquisition and Partnerships

We are the bridge between people who have data and people who need it. If your organization generates data, consider monetizing it by becoming a provider on the ThinkData Works Marketplace. Read more about our partnership program here or contact us to learn more.

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ThinkData Works Named Top Data Lifecycle Management Solution

ThinkData received this recognition as part of the 2023 Canadian RegTech Awards, presented by the Canadian Regulatory Technology Association and EY...
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ThinkData Works among Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2023 by The Globe and Mail

TORONTO, ON - September 29, 2023 – ThinkData Works, a leading data catalog provider, is pleased to announce it’s been named one of Canada’s Top...
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Leading data catalog provider, ThinkData Works, secures $2M Government of Canada investment

ThinkData Works plans to use the newly acquired funds to bolster its market presence and cater to the needs of its rapidly growing customer base....
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