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5 Reasons You Need a Better Data Management Solution

These days, businesses have yet to properly manage their data. And so, they ask themselves a new question: How do you transform data into insight?
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Is Your Data Ready for AI?

There is a major disconnect between the possibilities that AI and ML are presenting and the operational readiness of most organization’s data.
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The Unspoken Truth About Working at a Startup

A few different images come to mind when people hear the word 'startup' - some people imagine a handful of devs putting in 70-hour work weeks in a broom...
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Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data?

Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data? The short answer is: yes, and it's a big one.
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Bridging the Digital Divide

The open data movement is growing stronger, but open data cannot live up to its potential until available data becomes accessible information.
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How “World of Angus” Built the Largest Database of Dog Parks

Namara provided World of Angus with the data they needed to transform an idea into an exponential increase in traffic to their e-commerce platform.
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How Go2mobi Generated More Leads Through Data

by customer segmentation and marrying internal information with external data, Go2mobi tripled their click-through rate & increased location visits by 22%.
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Government Transparency: A Brief & Inaccurate History

Governments of every size and scope are increasingly launching transparency websites and open data portals - it doesn’t mean they’re doing it right.
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How to Surmount the Difficulties of Building a Business

When it comes to doing something difficult, whether it’s building a business or climbing Everest, there are no shortcuts.
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The GDPR Means Better Business

The world of personal data is no longer a lawless town in the Wild, Wild West. There’s a new sheriff patrolling the streets and it's called the GDPR.
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5 Takeaways from TechFest on Startups

The conversations at TechFest were thoughtful, and I came away with 5 takeaways about startups, their culture, and the current tech climate.
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IBM’s Initiatives to Help Find Your Dream Job

By leveraging Watson analytics, IBM built a standard hub for every job posting in the province, giving Ontarians a better chance to find their dream job.
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